Publicado por: profpardal | Maio 18, 2009

To my husband

Homenagem ao HOMEM da minha vida!

And when I look into my eyes
I see a girl that I used to be
I hardly recognise
Cos in the space of a year
Ive watched the old me disappear
All of the thing I once held precious
Just dont mean anything anymore
Cos suddenly

You came, and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place

Ive never felt good with permanent things
Now I dont want anything to change
You cant imagine the joy you bring
My life wont be the same
And Ill be there when you call
Ill pick you up if you should fall
Cos I have never felt such inspiration
Nobody else ever gave me more because




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